Congratulations to the winners of the first annual Zero Boundaries™ Design Competition sponsored by ZINK Imaging!

We would like to thank everyone who participated and envisioned amazing new Zero Ink® products that break the boundaries of printing. The entries leveraged the power of the ZINK® Technology to challenge conventional printing norms with “uniquely ZINK” designs that provide new means for individual and commercial expression, enhance freedom and mobility, and make every day life better.

The quality and breadth of the entries made the judging and winner selection process very difficult. The winning design solutions were selected primarily based on how the solution leveraged the benefits of the ZINK, was more easily or uniquely fulfilled by ZINK vs. other printing technologies, increased or enhanced the reasons to print in a digital age, and appealed to the target market.

Winners were awarded in two categories: solutions targeted specifically at today's youth (Option 1) and more forward-looking solutions for the designers' target of choice (Option 2). Winners will receive cash prizes totaling $25,000, with an additional $500 award going to the winner of the People's Choice Award.

Option 1

Option 2



The ZINK MIX is an iPhone docking station with an embedded ZINK® printer that works with a ZINK iPhone app to enable the gathering and printing of online content in a simple, fresh and automatic way. Pioneering the management of the social network of today’s youth, the ZINK MIX brings a physical relevance to their digital world.
   Patrick Schuur, Maketropolis,The Netherlands

The Mini Giant is a robotic printer that self-propels itself over a sheet of ZINK Paper®, any size, to create a print. The Mini Giant defies the constraints of today’s large format printers by transforming the relationship between paper and device so that a large format printer can fit in the palm of your hand.
   Paula Adina Sumalan, Romania

Option 1

Option 2



The ZINK FIB is a simple, inexpensive digital art camera with a built-in ZINK® printer that provides an outlet for teens to express themselves through their own creativity by making one-of-a -kind ZINK prints.
   Axis Design, USA

The Hanshi puts the "special" in special events with an all-in-one solution for capturing, viewing and sharing them in the moment. The Hanshi system is six small wireless digital cameras that nest into a portable viewing unit with a built-in ZINK® printer.
   Axis Design, USA

Option 1

Option 2



The Phiary (meaning photo plus diary) is a ZINK Paper® notebook and ZINK® device system that transforms the use of physical diaries and notebooks for the digital age. The Phiary enables the printing of photos and imagery directly onto diary or notebook pages, bringing personal creativity and expression to new heights.
   Guo Xiaolin, Chinese Design Student

The ZINK Pen not only redefines the value and utility of a pen in the digital age, but also defines the meaning of mobile, on-the-go printing. A digital pen that can write, scan, and print, the ZINK Pen frees your digital content right at your fingertips.
   Jeffrey Gerlach and Nicholas Matarese, Design student, Syracuse University, USA


The SmartBC is a portable ZINK®-enabled business card printer that ensures that your first impression is your best impression. The SmartBC creates customized, on-demand business cards, wherever your business takes you.
   Arthur Ditlef, Brazil